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Frequently asked questions

I can't change the content in

The example confwall is just for styling and getting you started. This is simply a preview playground for you to try out confwall without having to pay (or wait for a free) confwall to be released.

You can also clone your example confwall to a new URL if you're happy with the style you've used in the confwall.

Tweets on the wall don't change

Whilst your wall is in the ready state, it will show a sample of demo tweets.

Be sure to test your search term from the twitter config, and once your wall goes live, it will automatically start capturing tweets and showing them on the wall.

How do I view a multi-day wall?

When your wall goes live, the wall will automatically select the correct day of schedule.

During development and testing of your wall, you can include a query string to specify the day you want to see. The following example will load the schedule for day 2 of my event:

When I resize the browser, the tweets go weird

The wall expects to run on a machine that's not controlled, so the layout is calculated when the page loads.

To easily fix weird tweets, just reload the browser.

My question isn't answered

Get in touch, and we'll do our best to help and guide you to the right solution.