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Confwall states

A confwall can be in four different states, which run in sequence in a confwall's lifetime.


A pending wall has been created, but is not available to view online yet. A confwall may need to be processed or paid for before it can proceed to the next state.

Changes can be made to the confwall and preconfigured, but there's no way to preview what this looks like until the wall is in ready state.


Your confwall is available online via <slug> but is not collecting live tweets as yet.

All the changes you make to the wall will also directly affect your confwall.


The wall will automatically move to the live state at the beginning of your "start date" (that your provide in the "basic info").

When your wall is in a live state, you can no longer change the event date information for your wall (the start date, timezone and duration).

The wall is capturing a full history off all the tweets that match your search requirements for review (or download) later.


Your event is now over, and your wall will automatically move to an archived state.

The URL to your confwall will no longer point to your wall (allowing you to re-use the URL for a future event).

The archived wall will allow you to download and review the historical tweets.