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There are three main pricing options: Self Managed, The Works and Free.

If you need a permenant confwall installation for your business, as seen in company lobbies or large screens around office, we can support your requirements too and please enquire directly.

All prices listed are introductory, and are subject to change in the future.

Self Managed

£200 per day (+VAT).

If your event is single day, then the cost is £200. If the event is 3 days, the cost is £600.

This is our most popular tier where you are responsible for managing the full configuration of your confwall. Of course you can also easily use our style themes.

The Works

£1,000 setup plus £200 per day (+VAT)

If your event is single day, then the cost is £1,200. If the event is 3 days, the cost is £1,600.

You pick the date, we do the work. We'll configure your schedule based on your event and fully customise the wall design entirely to your event's brand.

Turn around for a completed design is 5 working days, and get in touch if this needs to be expedited.

The Works package also allows you to reuse your wall in future years under Self Managed if you wanted to. Note that you are still responsible for running the wall on the day, but you will have direct email support if at all required.

Free Tier

Confwall wants to support free knowledge, and therefore free and not-for-profit meetups are eligible for free confwalls. Events that offer an entirely free experience to all their attendees can apply for our free package. You will need to provide enough information to validate your claim through the fields provided on the package selection tab.

Access to download the archive of tweets post-event is available for a one time fee of £100+VAT.

Free events have a single confwall tweet appear in their wall at a low frequency, that reads "This wall is powered by @confwall. If you run your own event, get a confwall today at".

Finally, if your event has sponsors, as an exchange your event must also include Confwall as a sponsor. Image options and details can be seen on our sponsorship page.