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Creating your first wall

For a complete confwall to go live, you'll want to complete four key steps:

  1. Basic information about your event: such as the dates it runs for
  2. Twitter configuration: authorising and defining your search terms
  3. Adding content: for your schedule and any notices, such as sponsors
  4. Appearance: styling using CSS and optionally customising the templates used

Basic information

All walls need to have a slug (which is initially made up from your event title) and the dates which the wall should be active.

The slug is the identifier for your wall and will be used as part of the URL to access the wall. For instance, if your slug is "sample", the URL will be

Once you've saved your basic information, the rest of the wall's content can be populated.

Read more about the basic information

Twitter config

You will want to configure twitter to capture the social side of your event and especially if you want to review the tweets after the event has finished.

Twitter authentication is a one-click task, then you can configure what to search for.

Read more about search tips & blacklist support


Content is broken down into the schedule and your notices.

The schedule can be automatically imported from Lanyrd or configured manually. Notices are typically used to show event sponsor banners, but can be used for any kind of information.


Here you can control all the CSS for your wall. If you're not a dab hand at CSS, there's also a number of themes that you can select from.

Templates have been pre-populated based on typical wall layouts, but can be changed. Our templates use Handlebars and there are a few helpers available.

If you need support with your customisation, please feel free to get in touch and we can connect you with one of our preferred designers.